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LoneStar Aussies is a hobby breeder located in beautiful West Texas with the desire to improve the breed standard of the Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherd with every litter bred. These toys and minis make wonderful companions, working dogs, agility competitors, and great service dogs. We want all of our puppies' adopted families to become a part of our family too. We raise our puppies inside the home. We love our puppies and desire our adoption families to love them as we do. We have wonderful mentors with Ray and PeriAnne Williams of Saddlebags Aussies. We feel so blessed to have found them, and they have been so generous to guide us with our breeding program. These Toy and Mini Aussies have herding instincts like the Standard sized Australian Shepherds. Just like the standard breed, these amazing dogs are very versatile, intelligent, athletic and are loyal to the family. With their intelligence and athletic ability, they are very capable of agility, Flyball, Disc Dog Competitions and Rally Obedience to name a few. But, most importantly, the puppy you get from LoneStar Aussies will be the best dawg gone dog you will love!

Winter is here-- 

Keep your dog's water fresh and please check paws frequently to keep dry and healthy. Aussies love cool weather, so bundle up yourself and take them for a walk!

Mini and Toy Aussies excel at Agility, herding small critters, and as Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and all around best friend companions.

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